Audio Distortion Series

The target audience for the Audio Distortion Series is generally tweens and younger teens. I have, however, received positive comments from readers up to and including young adults. Having previously written stories of an adult nature (Solution Squared Series), a suggestion by a close friend who was, at the time, a professor in the Language Arts department of a university in Florida, convinced me to write this series under a pseudonym. Good idea…

The story grew out of a challenge posed by some kids, at breakfast one morning. The first book in the series was written over the Labor Day weekend in 2013, as a means to pacify four teenage girls. Didn’t work. Once they read the manuscript, they began to share their ideas of where the story and the characters could go. By October, the first book was in print, and I was close to finishing the second.

The story is set in Colorado and revolves around five kids from diametrically opposed backgrounds who, by complete accident, become famous. However, rather than it ending happily ever after with fame and fortune after the first book, it carries on throughout the ups and downs of their lives, touching on the impacts various incidents have on each of them.

There is an interesting twist to the story, that I like to let readers discover on their own – kind of like an ‘attention check’ if you will. So far, the youngest person to figure it out was a ten-year-old girl from Wisconsin. She’s also done it the fastest…


Ever want to be famous?

They didn’t. It just sorta happened.

Playing for friends at a pizzeria one day – full-on, massive world tour the next.

Insane to a power of ten.

Then, right in the middle the madness, they crash and burn.

The reality of life is, stuff happens…

Now, their fans are asking – what is it going to take to get pop music’s latest ‘phenomenon’ back together?

Can it even be done?

In the fast-paced, high-pressure world that is pop music, will their passion be enough to ensure that our five accidental superstars, will find their way back to doing what they were so amazingly good at?

This is a story of unimaginable gain, devastating loss, and the remarkable ability of five friends, to overcome it all.

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Journey's End


Bright lights…

Screaming fans…

Life in the ‘fast lane’…

Seems even the strongest and best prepared, eventually fall victim to them.

Having found their way back to music and their friendships, each band member develops their own ways of dealing with being ‘famous’ and living ‘in the spotlight’ for six years.

This is the story of how five accidental superstars find ways to balance ‘famous’ and ‘normal’.

It’s also the story of how Audio Distortion comes to an end…

Well… sorta…

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Begin Again

Three monumental CDs…
Three consecutive sold-out world tours…
One of the biggest fan bases pop music has ever seen…

And they simply disappeared.

The music world watched in disbelief, as the members of ‘the biggest pop band around’ simply went on about their lives. For two years, they travel their own paths of discovery, and each eventually finds what they are searching for…

Then, at 2 AM, on a cool British morning, they find their catalyst – words hastily scribbled in big red heart…

“Take Cadi, go find Stanley and the others, and MAKE MUSIC!
It’s your destiny, girl.
It’s their destiny.
It always has been…”

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All About the Music

our CDs, three complete world tours, and thirteen years later, Audio Distortion has acquired a fan base that now spans generations. Stanley, Emma, Cadi, Willie, and Emily are now ready to pass the torch to the next generation of musicians, and to go quietly about their lives, out of the spotlight.

Then, a simple question, asked by a fellow musician, sets in motion the beginnings of what will become known as the ‘tour of the decade’.

Once their fans – and the music world in general – discover what they intend to do, ‘sold-out’ doesn’t even begin to explain what happens.

Audio Distortion AND Ransom – together?

One hundred twenty-five days.

Twelve carefully selected venues.

Twenty-seven individual shows.

Three-quarters of a million passionate fans.

And it all culminates in one big show, on what many consider the most important stage in music…

Red Rocks Amphitheater…

And the single clear point after it’s all over…

To be the best…

It is…

And always has to be…


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New Directions

What will it take to bring back the ‘biggest pop band of their generation’?

Can it even be done?

Having unleased Ransom on an unsuspecting music world, the members of Audio Distortion spend the next few years, settling into their lives – and all seem quite content with their new paths.

Well… most of them are.

When yet another ‘personal problem’ – something the members of Audio Distortion are intimately familiar with – presents itself, they all act. Once she understands the problem, Emma sets about correcting it. Little does she know, her husband has already sent in motion, the perfect means to do just that.

Thing is, Stanley is on an entirely different mission.

‘Fate and Destiny’ as Emma is so fond of saying.

All Stan needs to complete his mission, is a catalyst, which he finds in the form of five talented kids… known to the music community of Fort Collins, as Saturday Afternoon.

And of course, once Emma catches on, she uses all of them, not only to fix their ‘problem’, but ensure that their musical lives once again converge.

With a little help from fate and destiny, Audio Distortion is about to once again find themselves, center stage.

Yes, music fans, once again it’s time… Time for the band the critics say, ‘never seems to go away’, to give the world something new.

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One More Time

A mother.

A teacher.

A producer.

An engineer.

An administrator.

Superstars by accident, dedicated musicians by choice.

This is where the five of them always hoped to be – making music on their time… their way.

Eternally grateful for the life music has given them, our five accidental superstars – with the help of some ‘younger’ musicians – give the world what will be their final offering.

Their dedicated fans wait patiently, and are of course, blown away by the results.

The band that according to the critics, ‘just never seems to go away’, strikes again – with phenomenal results. New record, new tour, new nominations, new awards, and of course, new fans.

Once the album is complete, Audio Distortion takes to the road One More Time, saying their goodbyes, and thanking those, who with their unwavering support, made their fame possible.

It’s time, as they say, to ‘grow old gracefully…’

Is Audio Distortion finished? Will we ever hear from them again?

In the now infamous words of Donna Dollar…

“All we have to do is believe they’ll be back…”

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